British shorthair
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British Shorthair

 The Origins


Stemming from first domestic cats imported on the British islands by Romans in I st century BC, Bristish Shorthair sees a peak during the Feline exhibition organized to the Crystal Palace of London in 1871.

Unfortunately, the craze for the Persian and the Exotic Races make that the British sees his population and his fame decline between 1900 and 1950.

To mitigate it, crossing with blue Persians were introduced to relaunch British Shorthair from 1950 up to 1980s. At present British Shorthair is the third race the most registered in Great Britain.


       The powerful and compact body of the British is harmonious and proportionned well, but strangely heavy. Its breast is deep and wide, legs are short and strong with big round feet. The tail is thick and rounded off in the extremity. The head, which we compare with an apple, is wide and round with full cheeks. Small ears come to settle on the head, eyes are big and round.

              The coat is short and thick. Plentiful hair gives to the coat a velvet aspect, its under hair protects the cat of the cold. A blow of comb will be welcome, in particular in period of change of season, in the entrance of the Winter as well as in Spring.

Caracter and  et temperament

       His personality is intelligent and makes the British Shorthair a reliable and receptive companion. He is balanced, independent, little requiring and friendly. Its character "teddy bear" does not prevent it from being a skillful hunter. It can as well stay in apartment as to live in a house with garden. Silent companion, it is never very far from its master, greedy he will know how to demand you his small end of morning butter. Very sociable he is the ideal companion because he gets on even with more exuberant races of cats, as Abyssinian or Burmese. In spite of his appearance this cat is a very good player.


          Contrary to certain races, all the colors are admitted.

For the plain colors: Blue, Cream, White, Black, Red, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn, Chocolate …

For colors Silver: Black Silver, Blue(Bruise) Silver, Cream Silver, Fawn Silver, Chocolate Silver …

Other: TABBY (stripped), SMOKE, COLOUR POINT (the pattern of the dress is clear, only the end of legs, the tail, the ears, and the nose are of color more darkened, eyes are always blue).

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