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I was always attracted by animals, nevertheless being asthmatic and allergic to many things, I had to content with looking at animal television broadcasts and only imagine what it had to be to share the everyday life with an animal.

Married and mom of two children become adults, I fell in love with my Siamese cat Yom Yom six years ago, a meeting which was only opening the long way which I moved towards : the breeding of cats.

Novice, I had my first kittens (1 male and 2 females ) with my British Shorthair blue-coated cat called Emma who I rescued from a pet shop.

Among this first litter was born Chester, face of mockery and very gentle , a cat "home-made". It was difficult to part with him, we kept him as neutered cat (at this time, it was unthinkable to keep a male cat at home). My breeding is so called in homage to this great "Lord Cat".


Chester opened the way to start up a breeding which became for me an obvious fact. I graduated my CETAC (Certificat d’Etudes Techiques des Animaux de Compagnie) in December  2009. My breeding was approved by the Direction Départementale Sanitaire of Yvelines. For it was necessary to me to fit out my apartment to welcome my 3 races of cats, as well as the future kittens.

Our males live in a room entirely dedicated for them, in which they receive the "ladies-cats", at the breeding season.

Today I breed English Burmese and Burmillas, too. They are two little races, quite confidential in France. They are very close to their master. British Shorthair, British Longhair and Scottish Fold are very soft teddy bear and cuddles. And finally, I breed Abyssinians; real very favorite that I owe to my daughter Aude which I shall never thank enough. EN KARA being originally intended to live with her.

I am a "cat-addict", it becomes my passion which it is difficult to make share and to make understand towards the members of my family others than my husband and my children, friends, working colleagues.

My cats live in the middle of furniture and curio in a large apartment and break nothing. We lavish them care and attention, they are fed with croquettes Royal Canin top of the range - Mastery - Pro Plan; as well as food ALMO. They live among us and are hyper sociable.Come yourself to realize during a small visit, and to share a small moment of " the real and peace life " that I find only with them. We shall indulge to present you our "children".


We are located near Versailles, in Yvelines, at Le Chesnay.

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